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BlockOut Thermal Blackout Blinds for Standard windows


Caution! May cause you to sleep in.

'I missed the morning train because I slept in.'

'I work night shifts, I need to sleep in the day time.'


What are real THERMAL blackout blinds for standard windows?


Blackout blinds that are currently sold on the Web for homes are normally a roller blind fitted with blackout fabric. This does perform a function but it will not stop all the direct light from entering the room. Light will still come in all sides of this fabric, so technically the blind is NOT blackout. Some people may fit curtains with blackout lining to try to stop the remaining light but this is expensive and in cases still does not produce good results.  


The Only  true blackout system for standard domestic windows. The Eco system allows the blind to be placed at any position from fully opened to fully closed. The fabric runs down two side rails similar to our best selling Solas blackout system, which stops the light from directly entering the room. A seal system on the bottom operating handle contacts the window sill blocking the light from entering. This total light control system is discrete too, with slim sections on the top and sides of the window and nothing on the bottom sill, it blends into the room decor with ease. 

How To Measure Edge of Recess BlocOut Blinds



To enable to fit the frame in your reveal we require 3 width measurements and 3 Drop measurements and the depth of your reveal.






How To Measure Inside Recess and Surface Mount BlocOut Blinds 


Important: for surface mounted BlocOut blinds (three/four sides). For surface three sides add 100 mm to the width and 100 mm to the top to allow for the side rails and the cassete. For surface four sides, add an additional 50 mm to the drop for the bottom frame.

 Measure Surface Mount



Can I fit it myself?


The products are all designed for easy installation by the homeowner but in this case we have further simplified the design resulting in an installation process which requires NO power drills. Having to use a power drill on masonry is not an easy task. It requires the necessary equipment, an understanding of what you are drilling into and also the accuracy of positioning brackets for mounting. We have utilised a unique bonding system from 3M®, which allows the Eco system to be installed in less than 5 minutes.

(See Video Below)

Energy Saving Features
The Eco range has been design to firstly be in control of the light which enters the room, from fully opened resulting in maximum light, to fully closed which will eliminate all direct light. They have a  verified heat loss saving up to 43% heat loss reduction (BBA Tested).  The blinds are also designed to reduce solar gain in the summertime as the white reflective backing on all the blackout fabrics reflects the sun's rays and therefore stops the sunshine from heating the room. In the wintertime, the thermal fabric and the 'sealing' effect of the blind, traps the air between the fabric and the glass. This prevents air from circulating around the window and thus stops the warm air from being cooled by the glazing pane, reducing heat loss through the window.
Are the Block Out blinds child safe?
With the rise in child fatalities across the UK and Ireland due to looped blind cords, blind safety is paramount in the home. All Bloc blinds are safe by design as they have no hanging cords or chains. This gives the assurance that no child or vunerable adult is at risk of being entangled in a hanging cord. This is backed up by the BBSA which has a very active Make It Safe Campaign.
Key Design Features   
Key design features of the Eco blind are shown in the simple diagram below:
All products are covered with a 3 Year Warranty.
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Complete Blockout Thermal Blackout blinds for
VELUX®, FAKRO®, Roto® RoofLITE® OKPOL® roof windows

Also available for Skylight Roof Blinds





thermal skylight roof blinds

Customer Comments


'My skylight blinds arrived today only a 3 days after ordering them. I was so impressed. I was even more impressed when it took me just 12 minutes to unpack, examine, fit and test all three blinds. I am not the greatest DIY merchant! You will be pleased to know that they fit perfectly, look just superb and work like a dream.



I must thank you and the Company for such a good service and top quality product. I will post this on the web site.The heat is already being contained in the loft office were once it escaped through the double glassed windows. I will without doubt recommend you to anyone looking for blinds.



Well done and thank you so very much. Fr Brian Regan Stockingford, Warwickshire.'

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    If you have a coupon code enter your coupon code when you place an order.

    Special offer use couponcode 'blindexpress' to get an extra 10% discount.

    Sample Request

    Some samples are available on request.